Tattoo Dublin

The tattoo scene in Dublin has exploded with talent in the last few years. With such a rupture in the industry alas comes newly found talent. 
Many years ago the tattoo scene was frowned upon in Ireland, causing Dublin to have only one tattoo studio open at the time, but as the years went on they became less of a social stigma. Now Dublin is a creative hub for tattoo artists, thriving with talent.

We are extremely delighted and proud to house some of these local talents. With some of the best prices around we house artists who are capable of executing tattoos and ink of all styles and tastes such as mandala tattoos, sleeve tattoos, rose tattoos and tattoos for both women and men.
With Dublin only beginning to host the International Tattoo Convention, it really showcases some of the amazing talent around. 
With both sides of the city being catered with studios in both Dublin 1 and Dublin 2, we are located just a fifteen minute walk from Temple Bar, the Quays, the famous Guinness Storehouse and the city centre.

Why don’t you come on by? Once you walk in to Image & Ink you will be in awe at our choice of decor and stunning art. Alongside our partners at Craft & Co Barbershop we have possibly the most stunning shop in all of Dublin. And our all custom built desks and drawing stations with custom piping built by the one and only Karol Gorski our studio lends a huge amount of class to The Liberties, one of the oldest parts of Dublin City.

So please pop by and see our studio, and if you are interested in getting some work done, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our very capable tattoo artists.