Tattoo Designs

There are hundreds, if not thousands of tattoo designs ranging from each walk of life. Each of these designs come from many different backgrounds and cultures. There are many designs gifted to the industry by the classic American traditional art, eastern art and even celtic art. 

If you take a look around the likes of Tumblr and Pinterest you will find thousands of tattoo designs to push you in the right direction for your next tattoo. Let’s take a look at some of these designs.

Eastern Art

Many tattoo designs come from eastern religion and spiritualism. Like a mandala, which originates through Hinduism and Buddhism. There are many other tattoo designs influenced by these works of sacred geometry. Also originating from Buddhism is the Unalome, which symbolises our struggle with life, whilst the straight line shows that we found harmony.


A lot of designs have branched from the art of traditional tattooing. Such as roses, pin ups, swallows and other nautical themed designs. For men at sea in the 1700’s they began getting tattoos as souvenirs with every place they visited. The classic spot was on the from of their arms.

The typical traditional tattoos are Swallows, Nautical stars, lighthouses, roses and hula girls. This style was make huge by a man named Norman Collins, more  commonly known as “Sailor Jerry”..


There are a few popular designs that fall under the category of celtic tattoos, such as the Trinity knot, the Triskele (Triple spiral), claddaghs and other various celtic knots. Like the famous “Mother/Daughter” knot which is a bit more modern, a perfect tattoo for girls

There are so many others with different meaning. There is also the ancient script known as Ogham, which is a primitive for of celtic writing, similar to Norse runes.