Tattoos for Girls

Nowadays, all tattoo ideas are gender mutual, however, it isn’t hard to distinguish a masculine and a feminine tattoo. Here at Image & Ink we cater for all needs, and feminine tattoos are one of our specialties.

But what makes a tattoo specifically made out for a girl? There are a lot of options and possibilities when it comes to making your tattoo feminine and with a meaning. Lets take a look at them.

  • Beautiful flower designs. (roses, orchids, lotus flowers and endless more)
  • Wonderful mandala designs. (See Mandala Tattoos page)
  • Geometric shapes (Such as lotus designs done similarly to a mandala design)
  • Minimalist linework
  • Flowing decorative pieces
  • Cursive or minimal script (quotes)
  • Linework


There are endless possibilities when it comes to making your tattoo personal to you. And also placement, whether it’s on your shoulder or your wrist Here at Image & Ink we have many artists greatly capable of listening to and incorporating your ideas into your piece. However feminine you would like your tattoo to be, the most important part of the tattoo experience is to make sure that the piece is special to you so out artists will take great care in listening to you and considering your wants and needs and incorporating them into your tattoo.

Whether it’s a stunning flower piece or a simple mandala design everyone here at Image & ink will be delighted to provide you with a stunning piece that you will be proud to wear on your skin.

Come on by and talk with our management and artists to create a beautiful feminine work of art to decorate your body with.

Looking for a girls tattoo?

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