Tattoos for Men

What constitutes a tattoo for men? A large lumberjack bench pressing a forklift? Not at all. Tattoos can have many different aspects both masculine and feminine. If you’re looking for a tattoo with a more masculine feel to it, here at Image & ink we can provide as such. Whether it’s a dragon in the classical Japanese style, heavy bold script, or an amazing piece of celtic imagery with meaning we can design something for you that will suit you completely.

Now that tattooing is no longer a thing of gender, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differ between a masculine and feminine tattoo.
Why not take a look at this list of things that could be seen as a “tattoo for men”

  • A sleeve tattoo with dark and heavy shading
  • Biomechanics (including metals and other forms of mechanical objects)
  • Torn skin revealing artwork underneath
  • Tribalistic works with heavy and dark lines
  • Realistic skulls, and other biological realism

Here at Image and Ink all our artists are here to listen to all your needs and to gauge an understanding of your needs. Every piece is discussed in a pre-tattoo consultation where the artists will listen to everything you would like to incorporate into the piece. Whether it’s on your arm, legs or chest we will be sure to listen to all your needs. Take some time to think about what you would consider a masculine tattoo, any ideas will be heard and undergone without hesitation.
Even if you fancy getting a large lumberjack bench pressing a forklift, the artists here are completely capable and always love a challenge.

Looking for a mens tattoo?

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